To Our RD Community-

Thank you so much for being patient and understanding during these uncertain times. We are truly grateful and overwhelmed by the unwavering support and love you continue to show us! 

As of June 15th we have added one more day and team member to our Brooklyn studio. This means we are working 4 days a week and shipping once a week. We are processing your orders while operating under recommended capacity as noted by Governor Cuomo. Continuing to observe social distancing and wearing PPE in our work place, maintaining a rigorous disinfecting protocol and alternating staff according to state guidelines. As safety of our staff, families, community, and your orders, are our top priority 

*Orders are still being produced in the order they were received, and shipping out in small batches. This is the safest and most efficient way to keep our team safe. *ANY ORDERS PLACED WILL TAKE 3-4 WEEKS to ship instead of our normal 7-10 business day shipping window. 

USPS, shipping and tracking confirmations are not being updated in a timely manner. Packages now require more time to be delivered and are also delayed by USPS as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation & the issues regarding USPS being defunded by the government. 

IF YOU HAVE MOVED: please update your shipping address in your customer profile. This is very important, as we cannot be responsible for lost packages.

A little history
*On March 17th, we paused all production in order to help flatten the curve and keep our team of 10 (and their families) safe, as well as our healthcare workers on the frontline. We re-opened at a minimum capacity of two people, twice a week on May 2nd, and as of today (6.15) we are at 3 team members, 4 days a week.



We will continue to listen, learn, step up and take action against systemic racism and we support Black Lives Matter! 100%!

RD will continue to donate to the charities and causes that we believe in, whether it be product or monetary. Many of the collections are attached to charities. You can find the links on our product pages. 

The women that make up Rebel Dawg are diverse, badass and brilliant! We are comprised of every race, religion, and sexual orientation! We celebrate the beauty in diversity. We stand and believe in equality for all! 

WE DO NOT TOLERATE bigots, racists, and people who are discriminatory towards others for any reason. It's just not the Rebel Dawg way. 

We love our pack & appreciate you sharing your love for RD & shopping small!

There is still a pandemic going on, let's not forget!

VOTE! Please VOTE VOTE VOTE! If you are mailing in your ballot please make sure you know the EXACT date when ballots must be postmarked and received! This is critical for your VOTE to be counted!!! If you are going to the polls on Election Day! WE WILL SEE YOU THERE! WEAR A MASK! LOUD AND PROUD!!!!

Take care, be safe, kiss your pups, wash your hands, WEAR A MASK, keep on social distancing, and.....VOTE!

We love you,